13 ICG

Every Infrastructure & Sustainability Plan Needs to Understand Geosynthetics

Geosynthetics were the only major class of construction materials invented in the 20th century. Every engineering house, government agency and private company owning infrastructure elements (e.g., landfills, ports, mines) must understand how and when geosynthetic materials are used to enhance the service life, sustainability and economics of infrastructure elements. 

Every four years, the International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG) gathers engineering and research professionals from around the world for days of technical exchange, networking, and inspiration. Together, this community is promoting cleaner water, evolving designs in response to climate change, and reducing the carbon footprint of construction. 

The 13th International Conference on Geosynthetics (ICG) 2026, hosted by the North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS-NA), is themed “Legacy, Evolution & Revolution in Geosynthetics.” The theme reflects the many transitions occurring in the field, in our shared responsibility to climate and society, and in how we respond to the challenges and opportunities presented to us by these transitions.

We invite all stakeholders in modern infrastructure to join this essential event in Montreal in 2026!